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GameCP connection problems

Posted by freebudy, Today, 02:46 PM
So installed GameCP. During installation, used localhost and a SQL user / database that I had setup. Now I've added a machine to game CP and and it asks me to copypasta a command into SSH.

I get this back
(ctrl+c to cancel)Access denied for user 'X_cpuser'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
So tried putting the public IP of the machine instead of localhost or but doesn't take it. I know the information is correct.

If I use the root SQL username and password it accepts that, but then under GameCP I get a "unable to connect to the remote" error.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? GameCP is installed on the machine so it and the remote should be using the same public IP.

Posted by Natcoweb-Peter, Today, 04:45 PM

did you created the permissions for the user X-cpuser into the database? Also you have to have the permissions set for the correct source ip or use '%' for any.

Posted by Largo05, Today, 06:02 PM
Best way to get help for this is to go over and talk to William on his IRC server, he can probably help you out.

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