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Trend monitoring with Cacti?

Posted by gerr1t, 12-28-2011, 08:02 AM
Hello everyone! First of all, thanks for all reply's in: showthread.php?t=1103991 We are currently evaluating Zabbix. Allthough the Zabbix solution is great we are also looking into Cacti. The thing we are missing in Cacti is a way to get notifications when there is odd behavior in graphs. For example, we would like to receive a notification when there's a peak in our switches/routers (maybe a peak which is 100% higher then the same time the last couple of days). Ofcourse we can manually check all graphs but when we are growing to more then 100 servers and routers this is a job we would like to automate. Does anyone know if there is any way to get automatic notifications? Thanks!

Posted by EmindSupport, 12-28-2011, 08:21 AM
No doubt Cacti is a nice monitoring tool , however finding a way or a configuration to automate the job I think you will have to find an experienced admin who has done this task before as an other option Nagios is another great tool for monitoring.

Posted by gerr1t, 12-28-2011, 10:32 AM
Thanks! We are combining Nagios with Cacti Anyone else has an idea? Maybe some sort of plugin?

Posted by viGeek, 12-28-2011, 10:46 AM
Cacti has a plugin that will notify you based on trend parameters. (Believe it's called thold). Cacti is great for performance statistics, plus it's very easy to write custom monitors for.

Posted by Softsys Hosting, 12-28-2011, 11:59 AM
We were looking for something similar with CACTI and we eventually went with deploying PRTG which has a very nice "in built" feature of trend monitoring and providing alerts/warnings for "unusual results" (which can be customised per your requirement).

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