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LeelaVentures, LLC partners with SupportExpertz.com

Posted by supportexpertz, 03-04-2013, 02:24 PM
Leela Ventures, LLC, a Chicago based hosting and software consulting company has partnered with supportexpertz.com for delivering quality outsourced customer support to hosting companies. “We understand there are a zillion support companies out there, but we are proud to partner with supportexpertz.com and it’s new CEO Mr. Vivek Prasannan who has co-founded companies such as LogicSupport.com in the past. With over 11 years of experience in working for and managing support companies, with a proven track record, we are confident that they can meet the expectations of a demanding market, at a reasonable price, without compromising support quality”, company spokesperson said.

SupportExpertz.com will focus to deliver products that improve overall hosting experience, not only to the hosts themselves, but also to their end users. We have traditional support plans that start at $30/month for small resellers and bigger plans for larger hosting companies. We have also understood that Live Chat is an important communication channel when it comes to better customer support experience. Therefore, it is an important feature bundled together with various plans ” said Mr. Prasannan.

SupportExpertz.com will also provide remote backup solutions, to meet the increased demand for backups especially for unmanaged VPS and dedicated servers.

“One of the problems we have noticed with hosting companies is that they rely on a backup software, and leave the software to do the job. However, when an emergency arises to utilize the backup, they suddenly realize that the configuration of the server with the software failed. There is an increased need for accountability when it comes to taking backups. We solve that problem. Our backups also differentiate from others in that it is stored at two different data centers and therefore nullifies any chance of losing backups even in the event of a natural disaster.”

“We have developed a proprietary scanning tool that helps to identify potential security issues with any server. It is used in our advanced server management plan. Later this year, we will also come up with a tool to help our clients manage these products online.”

“We have also listened to the needs of small hosting resellers who wants to move on to their own servers. Rather than going through the tedious task of migrating and managing the servers, they can utilize our managed servers which is hosted on cloud platform. Migration will be carried out by our team and we will continue to manage those servers at no additional cost to our clients.” He added.

About LeelaVentures, LLC :

A consulting firm that helps small and medium businesses to manage their online business better. It actively helps its clients in building an online presence, web development, hosting, migration, online payment processing, compliance and other regulatory issues.

To learn more, go to http://leelaventures.com.

About SupportExpertz.com :

SupportExpertz.com provides 24x7 outsouced customer support and server management to hosting companies. It also specialises in remote backup, managed servers and various advanced hosting solutions as managed services.

To learn more, go to http://www.supportexpertz.com

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