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is knownhost's VPS down?

Posted by nomadph, 06-03-2013, 04:43 AM
we're hosted at knownhost VPS, it's down currently.

we already submitted support ticket, they replied and told me to hold on, but no update since then.

i have been trying to SSH and restart http, but it won't restart.

is it just me or are others' VPS accounts are down too right now?

Posted by XTremo, 06-03-2013, 08:13 AM
Have you checked their forum for service alerts?

Posted by LuxuryServers, 06-03-2013, 08:49 AM
They are maybe working on the issue still. Also I would rrecommend you to check their forums for any service outage announcements and so on.

Posted by PlotHost-Max, 06-03-2013, 09:49 AM
Their forum link http://forums.knownhost.com/forums/n...are-status.14/

Posted by RSkeens, 06-03-2013, 10:01 AM
Thread moved to more suitable sub forum.

Posted by KnownHost, 06-03-2013, 10:16 AM
One of the servers was down briefly but has been online since around 4:20am EST.

Posted by Belira, 06-03-2013, 04:43 PM
Sometimes the best answer to a question like this can be to do a simple check via an online proxy if you are unable to access an entire network.

This website can be quite helpful: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ (if you know the domain names or IP addresses of the servers you want to check of course!)

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