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NationHosts LLC, obtains new colocation space at 365 Main

Posted by NH-Benjamin, 05-19-2004, 04:29 PM
NationHosts LLC will be acquiring 2 cabinets at 365 Main in downtown San Francisco, CA we are make final changes to our contract with our local provider in the facility as always we will have on-site staff to manage our servers and space.

We are very happy to acquire this new space due to the volume of clients we have it’s been very easy to negiotiate special low prices with our provider. We will be offering multi-homed connectivity via MCI/UUnet, Yipes, Qwest and Global Crossing. We will have staff available 24 hours a day to manage our new space in COLO 7 at 365 Main.

This new colo will increase our presence in California in addition we also have collocation at XO Communications in Fremont, CA and have collocation in Virginia and Texas. We are also looking at collocation in Amsterdam (Netbus) and Venezuela (Dayco Telecom).

We feel that this move was needed due to increase in demand for shared hosting, game servers and dedicated servers and collocation.

As always we strive to provide excellent services for our customers.

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