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Popular Design Portal Launches Hosting Company (SpoonoHost)

Posted by Spoono, 05-29-2005, 04:38 PM
www.Spoono.com, the popular design portal, introduces a new and powerful web hosting service, www.SpoonoHost.com. Spoono Host is an all-inclusive web hosting plan that enables website owners and webmasters alike to host their website on powerful servers with many features for an affordable price.

The young development team, based out of Pittsburgh, PA., started work on this project almost 10 months ago. After thousands of dollars invested, numerous team meetings, and hundreds of beta tests, Spoono Host was finally ready to launch, opening its doors for business.

Opening today, Spoono Host introduces a new style in this industry, marking a new era to the web hosting business. "Our goal is to focus on perfecting one web hosting plan that is very generous to the everyday webmaster," explains Co-owner and Senior Programmer Akash Goel. Webmasters who choose to host their website with Spoono Host will not only enjoy generous features for an affordable price, but fast and friendly customer support. Unlike many web hosting companies, Spoono Host offers instant support through the popular IM client; AOL Instant Messenger. This is just one example of how Spoono Host will be different from their competitors.

The unique, state-of-the-art backend behind Spoono Host allows consumers to easily signup and manage their web hosting and domain accounts. Regardless of how many accounts you have, Spoono Host will allow you to manage everything under one login, making their system extremely beneficial to any webmaster with more than one website. "We make it easy and seamless for automatic account registration... webmasters will love it!" exclaims Co-owner and Senior Web Developer Brian Fusco.

With a unique style and state-of-the-art technology, Spoono Host surely brings something fresh to the web hosting industry, offering a promising future for the new business.

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