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GNAX launches NetDepot.com unmanaged server line

Posted by sailor, 12-15-2006, 11:17 AM
Global Net Access, LLC. www.gnax.net announced the launch of the new NetDepot unmanaged product line.

The line fills a need for the experienced user who is not looking for us to manage their server. It includes the following features:

servers are on the lightning fast route optimized gnax gold network

auto OS reloads by the customer through a web portal which is set up to show all their servers and has sub account grouping capabilty

full remote reboot and console access with kvm available ondual proc boxes for 150 one time fee

the new servers are rolling out with dual - dual core woodcrest xeons and dual core P4 options. As well the woodcrest series has SAS drive upgrades available to accomodate faster scsi drives for higher end requirements.

The company is a wholly owned part of Global Net Access and operates out of the AtlantaNAP - all companies are profitable and stable and have been in business since 1994.

Try out some of the new servers - they are a great fit for those that are on dual xeons and opterons and are still paying high prices at the competitors even though they run their own server.
the time to move is now!

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