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rDosti Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. - Bollywood & rDosti.Com

Posted by RDOSTI, 07-03-2008, 08:56 AM
July 3, 2008

rDosti Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. has announced major improvements in Quality of Service. The company started as an Internet Service Provider earlier this year, after acquiring major proprietors such as IndyaMail (email service) and IndyaNow (Hosting) - recently pushed further with it's new marketing campaigns.

Recently rDosti started marketing its "Free" Services such as Social Networking (my.rdosti.com) and it's Free Email Service (mail.rdosti.com)offering more than 10 optional domains to choose from (including schools, colleges and other names) with Bollywood celebrities such as "Saahid Kapoor", "Katrina Kaif" & "Rekha".

In the last three months, rDosti.com has catered to thousands of clients whether it be it's free or premium services such as Web Hosting, Server Administration & Security. (hosting.rdosti.com)

All our services are now multi-lingual - the social networking now available in multiple languages including Hindi ! rDosti Internet Services has also tied up to offer "Socketmail.com" it's own staff for it's Support Centers all over the world.

Recently a poster staring celebrities from Bollywood "Saahid Kapoor, Katraina Kaif and Rekha" have been the highlights of the Email Service. The poster was distributed all over Gujarat state (india) in both English & Gujarati.

rDosti Internter Services Pvt. Ltd. also recently moved to the Softlayer DC and since has enjoyed 100% Uptime! As time's change and the competitive environment increases - rDosti has been able to take the environmental situations to the client's doorsteps to offer value added service.

rDosti also offers two - 24 x 7 Telephone Lines for any type of pre-sales, post sales or support services. As of now, there have been zero call drops, zero voicemail redirections and no busy tones.

rDosti sees, hears and attends it's customers - it's family. We look forward for new results, news and improvements year on! rDosti would like to thank this time to thank it's users, customers and members for their support throughout the year!

Posted by RDOSTI, 07-04-2008, 06:25 AM
July 4, 2008

rDosti.com is now "INDIA.HN". As of today, we have updated our entire portal from rDosti.com to "INDIA.hn". This is a major revamp as we have just acquired the "India" Domain name.

This not affect the company name in any way. The company name will remain as is - rDosti Internet Services Pvt. Ltd, however we will focus our company web site as www.india.hn & www.rdosti.com

By acquiring India.hn, you can now access our portal easily by logging in at www.india.hn. You can also access our site using rdosti.com & ourdosti.com.

INDIA.HN is an easier and more simpler name to remember and we felt it was just what everyone would just love. It is also an easy way to connect to our great country. We hope that this makes it easier to remember and access the portal. Another reason we wanted to go with INDIA.HN was because our services have been growing - not only do we connect you with others, but we also provide new services like "My Home" (lets you personalise your online desk), a shopping system, mobile reviews and mobile software and much more.

We are planning to add the following new sections to INDIA.HN in the next few months:

1) Wiki
2) Free SMS Messaging
3) Blog Hosting
4) Online Radio Station
5) Domain Registrations
6) Image Hosting & Document Sharing
7) Google Tieup for @India.hn email service
8) rDosti Email Service Upgrades

Users who have rDosti email accounts can continue to access their emails at http://mail.rdosti.com.

We will also be starting email registration for our new "india.hn" email address's over the next few days. The India.hn email service will be powered by "Google Co.", in a partnership to offer quality service and tons of new features.

India.hn & rDosti.com are owned by "rDosti Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.".

This is a huge step forward for us and we invite you all to celebrate with us.

rDosti Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.
+91 972345000

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