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KiwiVM gets instant...

Posted by dcdan, Today, 02:24 AM
IT7 Networks Inc, the company behind the KiwiVM VPS control panel, has released a major update that introduces the following features:

* Two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator
This feature allows using your smartphone to add an additional layer of security when accessing the KiwiVM panel.

* Migrations between datacenters
During the migration all data on the VPS remains intact, and the total downtime is 30 seconds or less.

* Snapshots
Create, restore or download full VPS backups.

IT7 Networks Inc is a Canadian corporation. It was founded in 2004 and currently provides managed and self-managed hosting services to customers in multiple markets. Two brands of IT7 Networks that use KiwiVM control panel are VPS Blast and Bandwagon Host.

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